Monday, December 5, 2016

One of my Favorite Holidays ~ Pie Day

I think my maternal grampa invented it, pie for breakfast following the Thanksgiving holiday, and Christmas too.  Accompanied by cheddar cheese of course!  

Happy Thanksgiving from our Home to Yours

Two of the Turkey Team Ladies posing with the Turkey, Russians, especially women, LOVE to pose for photos!

R's company started raising turkeys in Russia this year.  Turkey is not a common meat for Russians, and when they do eat it, it is ground, or patties, or meatballs, or sausage, occasionally breasts, but hardly ever a whole turkey.  So, he invited his turkey team to come celebrate a traditional American Thanksgiving meal featuring a whole turkey.  We also invited our friends the Ms.  Everything was yummy!  and the Russians enjoyed turkey and all the fixin's.  The frozen, snowcovered pumpkins can finally go in the trash bin!

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Friday Night Bible Study Thanksgiving Meal

One of the turkeys was earmarked for our November Social of our Friday Night Bible Study.  We had decided to celebrate Thanksgiving together.  The V Family graciously hosts our study along with several others and she also allowed me to come and use her kitchen to cook the turkey.  Among us were some friends who had never eaten turkey or celebrated Thanksgiving.  Gathered at the table were friends from China, France, Korea, Russia, Rwanda and the USA.  We are so thankful for our church family!

IKEA Thursday

Since Thanksgiving is an American (and Canadian) holiday the companies here are open and working hours are as usual.  The first year we were here, my children balked at school on a holiday so we made a new tradition!  We go to IKEA to eat Swedish meatballs and find some new Christmas decorations.  This is the second year our friend and neighbor T has joined us.  I'm not sure my children will ever tire of pretending to arrive from Narnia in the wardrobe section of IKEA.  

The Turkeys Have Landed

R's company started raising turkeys this year and he put in an order for three whole turkeys for cooking for Thanksgiving meals.  They arrived butchered, plucked, and cleaned*, but not wrapped.  S and I handled that, and they fit in the fridge.  Each was just over 7 kg, nearly 15 1/2 pounds, bigger than I've found at the store here but small enough to fit in my European oven.

*We had a brief moment of wonder after the phone call announcing the arrival of the driver, will the turkeys be butchered?  will they be plucked?  will they be eviscerated?  

Friday Night

Another fan from the Big Ass Fan company based out of Kentucky.
One Friday night I was supposed to meet R at our usual meeting spot on the brown platform at metro station Belarusskaya to head to our Friday night Bible study.  R got caught in a meeting and i continued reading my book.  Eventually, we just decided to eat dinner near his office as study was over by the time he got out of his meeting.  

Lunch at Chiahona

 A fun chain restaurant with some Georgian dishes and great decor.