Monday, December 12, 2016

AWO Christmas Party at the Spaso House, US Ambassador's Residence

Our friend B who coordinated the party asked R if he would play Grandfather Frost, he said yes, of course.

"I saw Mommy Kissing Grandfather Frost..."

The plates and napkins had the seal of the USA on them!

This staircase plays a part in the Bulgakov novel _The Master and the Margarita_, I've not yet read the story although I have downloaded it.

Sunday after Church

Grandfather Frost

The back of a woman dressed up as Snegurochka, Grandfather Frost's granddaughter and helper.

After church we walked to Old Arbat Street and met R (he was working, in hopes of not having to work the first week we are in the US) and some friends for lunch.  After lunch we headed to Red Square for some last minute Christmas shopping, but alas Red Square was closed so we went home instead.  

Saturday at Scouts



and snowman making!