Sunday, December 4, 2016

A Night at the Bolshoi

I arrived earlier than the meeting time, so ran into Starbucks for some hot chocolate, the Chistmas cups were out on my last visit but, I had "eaten in" and had gotten a ceramic mug.  I <3 the birch trees!  Oh, how they remind me of NH and MN and how much they look like Russia!  

My name in Russian, sometimes I try, other times I give up and call myself Anna.

Dinner at the Bolshoi Restaurant

Flowers on the Table

So not good at the selfie thing...

While E and M were in town she wanted to see a ballet, they invited us to join them.  Because their dates were fixed we did not choose the ballet, rather saw the one on the schedule, so it was one we were unfamiliar with.  We read the synopsis over dinner to be prepared.  It was Lady of the Camellias, дама с камелиями, after the novel of the same name by Alexandre Dumas, the music was by Frederic Chopin.  It was beautiful, and I think I'd go again!

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