Thursday, May 25, 2017

Lack of Photos

Sometime this winter my camera started malfunctioning, I noticed it in Riga in March but I could make it work most of the time.  When we were in KS in April, it quit altogether.  The KS zoo pics were the last ones taken.  The prom, group, and birthday pics were taken by me on my friend's camera.  When we got to SD I took my camera into the shop, he wasn't sure if it was the lens or the body, though he assumed the body.  He said he could send it in for diagnostics but that would take weeks...I didn't have weeks to wait.  So, I ordered a new body, it arrived just before graduation, thankfully.  However, it is a bit different and took some time to get familiar with it.  There are fewer pics than I would like from our trip to SD, but I will treasure the ones I have!

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