Thursday, August 31, 2017

Monday, August 7, 2017 ~ A Day in Carnoustie, around the town, at the beach, the icecream parlour, the playground and the pizza shop.

The children and I had a Subway picnic by the beach,

which we did not share with Gordy the seagull.

This beach had the best collection of intact razor clams I've ever seen, and they were huge!

Dessert before supper!

D, and S, I found this in case we ever need a name for a business, and there was a Three Sisters Pub in another town but it was dark and the pic didn't come out.  

AED devices were found on public buildings in many of the towns we stopped in.

We slept late, enjoyed breakfast, packed up and split up for the day.  The children and I picked up a picnic lunch and then we spent the day enjoying the sea and the sun.  I even got a sunburn on my nose in Scotland!  The rain came just as we were ordering our pizza.  Although it was just a take out they invited us to eat in, which we gladly did as it poured for a while.  

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