Wednesday, April 12, 2017


Water delivery used to be one of the things that I could manage consistently by myself.  Some time ago the company changed names and perhaps management.  In the past whenever I called they would transfer me to an English speaking customer service agent, I would place my order, it would arrive the next day and I would pay for my order.  The amount almost always was slightly different from the total they told me on the phone but oh well.  But, now with the change I cannot always get an English speaking customer service rep, sometimes they'll ask me to call back later sometimes they just hang up on me...One week about a month ago the rep told me it was time for my annual machine sanitation.  The delivery man would also do the sanitation and I would earn a free bottle of water.  The day arrived, the water arrived, there was no cleaning, no free bottle of water and no explanation.  A couple of weeks ago I was trying to order water, the reps kept asking me to try again later.  I did, but it was getting late in the day and I knew if I was not successful we would soon be out of water. Delivery occurs only one day in this neighborhood.  So, I asked if we could do the order in Russian if she would be patient with my slow and mispronounced words.  She was patient and it worked!  And water was delivered the next day, the cost was slightly different but oh well!  The most consistent thing about Russia is its inconsistencies.  

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