Friday, June 2, 2017

Fruit Bowl

Yum!  What a change to my current normal, to go into the grocery store while home and every type of fruit I want is available.  In Russia there are tons of markets, groceries, and mini marts, and there is always food but sometimes the grocery I am at does not have ___.  For instance it is not unusual to form a plan for dinner, soup, salad, and bread, find a recipe, broccoli soup with spinach salad, then go to the store and there is no broccoli, not fresh or frozen, there is cauliflower though so cauliflower soup it is!  There is no spinach but today there is iceberg lettuce...About once a month or so I head to Metro Cash and Carry, it is a large German store sort of like Sam's Club.  They almost always have bananas BUT no way to weigh and tag them ( oh yeah, to buy fruits or veggies here you choose them, bag them, weigh them, and put on the label.  And if you don't then you don't get to take them home with you!) so when at metro I just gaze at the lovely bananas and choose something else.  Important update:  the last time I went to Metro there was a scale next to the bananas, and so some lovely bananas came home with me!

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