Wednesday, June 7, 2017


I'm good at many things.  I am not very good at houseplants.  I often joke it is a good thing children don't need to be watered...I am pretty good at gardening though.  My treasured housekeeper D gave me this Orchid for Women's Day.  It came with a bloom on it, it was lovely for a little while.  Then it just looked stark.  I visited a friend's home and ALL of her orchids had blooms on them.  I asked her her secret hoping I would not kill my gift.  My friend M showed me the fake blossoms on a stem stuck in each plant.  On my next IKEA trip, I picked up a stem of orchid blossoms and stuck it in the plant.  Just the other day I looked at my orchid and thought, wait a minute the blossoms I bought are white!  My orchid has a lovely flower and several more buds!  I have not yet killed it, it is flourishing!

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