Monday, April 30, 2018


The stones were slippery and thus had markings chiseled on them to give traction.

Sebastos Harbor

These arches are the excavated and reconstructed storage rooms for goods coming into the port of Caesarea either by land or sea and waiting for a ship or a caravan.  They were constructed under the Roman Temple thus ensuring that none would steal the goods.  The opening were filled with strips of cloth that were wet, the breeze constructed an early swamp cooler.

The only original stone in the theater.

You can see two levels of the stage, a higher level and a lower level that is currently occupied by chairs. In ancient times only religious services were held on the higher stage, theater was done on the lower stage.

This theater is modeled after other Herodian theaters but is almost entirely a reconstruction.  Modern day concerts are held here.

You may recognize Caesarea as the home of Philip who offered Paul hospitality.  Caesarea was also the home of Cornelius the Centurian who with his whole household was baptized by Peter.  Paul was sent home to Taursus from here, and set off on a couple of his missionary journeys from here.  Later, he was imprisoned here.  He may have been sentenced in the Coliseum.

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